How to check website ranking through Google Search Console?

How to query website keyword rankings without SEO tools? With the help of Google Search Console, keyword ranking queries can be realized in only 5 steps!

Google Search Console is Google’s webmaster management tool. This tool can record website display data, click data, and website rankings in various countries. The method of querying website ranking through google search console is as follows:


1. Enter the website backend

Enter the website background-click effect


2. Click average position

Click average position


3. Click on the number of queries

Click on the number of queries, the number of queries is to record which keywords users searched to find your website, and clicked in.

4. Click to rank

Click the ranking to sort in reverse or positive order.

Google SEO optimization

5. For example, sort by click rate in reverse order to view the ranking


按 点击率 近三个月网站排名

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